DC Foundation Netherlands

Electrification is one of the key challenges facing society today. The demands of our modern world place greater and greater strains on legacy power networks and infrastructure. An energy transition is needed. And Direct Current (DC) is a critical component of this transition. From the humble USB-C connector to national scale green energy production, DC provides tools for modern power challenges.

The DC Foundation Netherlands seeks to be an integral component a new, sustainable world: Offering better energy management, with clean production and smarter consumption. All of which is possible with the use of DC technologies.

The DC Foundation Netherlands has three primary goals:

Education: Providing DC related information to policy makers, energy producers, makers of electrical goods and tertiary educators. The DC Foundation Netherlands seeks to disseminate key findings in the field DC. From innovation and lessons learned, the DC Foundation Netherlands is a hub for gathering and sharing this knowledge.

Facilitation: Connecting the knowledge held by DC technical experts, with business and industries that are eager to introduce DC power to new installations and construction projects. The DC Foundation Netherlands brings talented people together.

Promotion: Telling the world about the benefits of DC. From energy efficiency, reduced raw material usage to offering smarter solutions to a range of existing problems, the DC Foundation Netherlands is an advocate for the development and implementation of DC technologies in our modern world

Website Launch

The DC Foundational Netherlands is proud to present it’s brand new (under construction) website for 2019! The DC Foundation Netherlands is positioned to have a massive year with new events, a refined direction and a brand new look to get things underway. Feel free to take a look around. Like what you see? Tell us…Read more

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