DC Industry Network

The DC Foundation Netherlands works with and for various parties within the Netherlands, providing a key facilitation role. The goal of the foundation is simple: Provide leadership and guidance in increasing the understanding and implementation of DC within the Netherlands.

The DC Foundation Netherlands works primarily in conjunction with the following groups:

Product Suppliers: Many DC products are already at market. The DC Foundation Netherlands helps promote the installation and implementation of these existing solutions as well as offering guidance to suppliers with regards to scalability and demand. The DC Foundation Netherlands can help suppliers maximise their market share.

Construction and Installation: Electrification poses many challenges, from small scale appliance design and installation, all the way to national energy supply, grid maintenance and improvement. The DC Foundation Netherlands provides technical resources to these industries. By providing a common framework with which to use DC, the foundation also enhances the collaboration between the various parties.

Direct Clients: “How can we build a positive business case for this project with DC?” The DC Foundation Netherlands has vast experience providing commercial level solutions in a variety of industries. From cost analysis, technical knowhow to safety and security concerns: The DC Foundation Netherlands offers many solutions to client concerns within DC.

Educators: The DC Foundation Netherlands provides universities and business educators with a range of DC related information and teaching aids. Connecting those individuals that are eager to learn about DC with the information they need to provide innovation today and into the future.

Public Sector/Policy Makers: The DC Foundation Netherlands is a frequent collaborator with groups such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdients voor ondernemend Nederland) and Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (Topsector Energie), providing insight into issues of legislation and regulation that inhibit the implementation of DC related technologies and infrastructure. The DC Foundation Netherlands acts as major advocate for the implementation of DC technology within the Netherlands.