Project Spotlight

DOE DC: DC Energy Infrastructure: Development Demonstration

Demonstratie Ontwikkeling Energie-Infrastructuur DC

The Netherlands is a world leader in greenhouse and agricultural innovation. The “DOE DC” project showcases a successful large scale greenhouse installation utilising multiple DC related technologies. DC technological solutions were used to both provided raw energy generation and consumption.

The DC Foundation Netherlands, in conjunction with multiple DC interested stakeholders, successfully demonstrated benefits of DC in this commercially viable project. The project was able to leverage renewable energy sources and also benefited from a reduction in raw material usage. These demonstrated clear improvements when compared to traditional greenhouse construction and installation methods.

The final result of the project is a fully operational DC network (at ± 350Volt / 700Volt) that can generate 700kW via solar and 1.5 MW via rectifier. The energy consumption for the greenhouse is rated at 1.4 MW.

The DC Foundation Netherlands provided the project with mission critical services. Overseeing project financial management, process supervision and acting as a knowledge base for the DC technology innovation.

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