Past, Present and Future of DC

The 1880’s marked “The War of the Current.” The introduction of competing electric power systems and the major events and people involved. Featuring Thomas Edison, a strong believer in DC, squaring off against George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla and their competing AC system. After considerable debate regarding safety, regulation and commercial viability (and the bitter propaganda campaign that it spawned) AC emerged the eventual victor. AC remains the standard electrical system used in our modern society.

AC proved the correct decision at the time with many clear benefits. Advantageous transmission over long distance and simplicity in changing voltage were among the early examples. Of course technological innovation within AC continues to this day.

But the limits of this technology are becoming evident. The demands placed on existing AC infrastructure by electrification are on the rise. Business and consumer demand is on the rise. Investment in upgrading and replacing this infrastructure is already a global issue.

How do we provide for the power needs of today and tomorrow?

DC helps solve the Electrification Equation.

DC has spent the better part of 140 years in the shadow of AC. Limited application, slow innovation and a lack of public presences made it something of an old and forgotten technology…

But times change. The requirements for our modern society are also changing. The electrification of our world is underway. More and more DC devices are finding their way into homes; Electric vehicles, smart phones and USB based devices are just some examples of DC related appliances widely used today. Not forgetting DC’s usage in sustainable energy generation. DC applications are on the rise and this “old and forgotten” technology is suddenly looking very new and relevant.