Henry Lootens

Board Member

“DC is my mission”

The newest and most technically proficient member of the DC Foundation Netherlands, Henry brings a strong, passionate belief in the technology of DC. From university to the work-force and onto the DC Foundation Netherlands, Henry has spent his entire professional development and career surrounded by DC.

And it all began by chance.

During the second year of his Electrical Engineering degree, a university lecturer offered Henry a project based on DC technology: A solar powered boat. A fairly humble project that leads to a passion for DC that continues to this day. This in turn lead to apprenticeships in DC related industry, employment in the DC field, and eventually, his involvement with the DC Foundation Netherlands.

During his time with the foundation, Henry has established a strong network of like-minded knowledge experts and technical installers. Positioning himself, and the foundation, as a go-to resource for the “nuts and bolts” requirements for successful DC projects.

With a stubborn belief that DC fits all aspects of the energy system, from tiny integrated systems up to the national power grid, Henry makes it his mission to increase the visibility and successful application of DC technology in the Netherlands, and the world.

Outside the foundation, Henry is a husband, tech loving geek and avid gamer.