Pepijn van Willigenburg


“I need to get back to saving the world”

Pepijn has been actively involved with the Direct Current (DC) Foundation Netherlands since 2009. His educational background is in the fields of Technology Management and Business Engineering. As chairman, he leverages his broad understanding of DC in several key areas:

Project development and initiation: Spearheading the need for DC related projects that promote the known benefits of DC and prove the viability of DC in a range of industry ready scenarios. Pepijn provides a working framework for energy based business and the construction/installation industry.

Concept creation: Pepijn brings a creative streak to the DC Foundation Netherlands. Add a much needed eye towards the foundation’s future goals and innovations and you have a chairman that is always bringing new ideas to the table.

Networking: Acting as a facilitator between knowledge expects and business interests, Pepijn oversees information gathering and sharing on DC technologies.

Administration: Pepijn brings many years of experience in project management and business practices to the DC Foundation Netherlands. From project creation to securing funding via consultancy services, Pepijn oversees all aspects of the foundations workings.

Outside the DC Foundation Netherlands, Pepijn is dad to three adorable children, dedicated husband and avid squash player. Several times a year you can also find him “taking a series of calculated risks” racing his custom Peugeot 206.