Ronald Fransen

Vice Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer

“I can help you get underway.”

Ronald’s journey with DC begins in 2010. An active representative in local government, he saw a need for innovation in the energy grid. More specifically the need for a decentralised energy system. There was however little momentum for such an endeavour. Without a catalyst for change, consumers were comfortable with existing energy supply methods and pricing. Industry had little reason to innovate the legacy power system.

Fast forward to 2018 and we find consumers, policy makers and industry all clambering for this new model. Electrification has taken hold and a shift in thinking has come with it. Ronald is now in a position to offer critical insight and understanding of these energy systems via the DC Foundation Netherlands.

Ronald also brings many years of business directorship and industry management experience to the foundation. He understands the commercial and financial realities of the “Energy Transition” and offers guidance to industries professionals in the face of this daunting task.

A strong believer in the power of people; Ronald is instrumental is bringing together DC related stakeholders and forming cohesive teams to achieve meaning full results.

Ronald provides the DC Foundation Netherlands with business administration and back office management. He also performs the roles of foundation secretary and treasurer.

Outside the foundation, Ronald is married to Anna, his wife of 33 years. They enjoy a comfortable life in Aalsmeer. Ronald is also “Opa” to two smart, beautiful and talented grandchildren with another on the way.