Benefits of DC

DC offers a range of benefits to all. Consumer, manufacturers, power suppliers and policy makers can all stand to profit from the adoption of DC. Here are just a few key examples of the benefits of DC:

Improved Efficiency of transmission:A DC grid supplying power to DC consumers, be it a home or commercial enterprise, using DC appliances requires no conversion. No conversion means any losses are minimised thereby increasing the efficiency of transmission.

Reduced Raw Material Usage: DC allows greater transmission of energy over the same wiring as an AC system would allow. This necessitated that fewer resources are need for the creation of energy grids whilst distributing more energy. Additionally, the removal of AC to DC converters further reduces the usage of raw materials.

Easier Decentralised Power Production: Renewable power generation via sources such as wind and solar offers a more decentralised power production scheme. These methods produce DC power as standard. A DC based grid will naturally take full advantage of this without the need for costly transformers or converters.

Reuse Existing Infrastructure: Electrification means the electrical demands on existing grids are constantly increasing. DC allows for the transmission of more power over current infrastructure. Reducing the need for the costly replacement of legacy grid systems.

Improved Product Longevity: Most electrical appliances require an AC to DC converter. These converters have a limited lifespan, forcing consumers into an unnecessary and wasteful product replacement cycle every time an AC to DC converter fails. A DC grid supplying power to DC appliances requires no such converters, improving appliance longevity.

Ease of use: Consumers have already adopted many solid-state DC devices. These require additional plugs, adapters and converters to power and charge these devices with the existing AC infrastructure. These adapters are an unnecessary nuisance and cost to the consumer. A smart DC grid supplying power to these consumers provides a simple and convenient solution.

Smarter, simpler and more efficient: DC is the key